Sculpture Under McGrath

This project was coordinated by a group that wanted to help people look at a blighted space differently – to show them that there were other ways to visualize a different use for certain spaces.
The area under the overpass had previously been used for a one night dance party starting the process of re-visioning an unpleasant space. One night was exposing the change to a small group where we wanted to have an installation in place for a longer time period for more people to consider. Additionally, there are many sculptors that do larger projects but don’t necessarily have a venue to display them. We received multiple submittals and the jury selected 10 artists to install their work. The response was overwhelmingly positive. There were interactive pieces and other pieces that we there for display. The installation was in place for a month. We also prepared a conceptual master plan for the redevelopment of that area for a long term outdoor gathering space for markets, concerts, etc. and presented it to the city as well as a few independent groups. Since the area was under an overpass, it made for an ideal space for venues since it was somewhat protected from the elements. The overall idea was embraced but the time, money, and energy wasn’t available at that time.